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How was the weather in the first week of December where you live? Here in Marbella, the sun was shining, the skies were a gorgeous clear blue and we could see all the way to the coast of Africa, the Spanish enclave of Ceuta and Gibraltar too. Shirtsleeves and even shorts were in evidence as many people, locals and visitors alike, enjoyed the re-energising warmth of the sun as they strolled along the beautiful promenade with their family and friends. With the temperature in the low 20s Centigrade, this was close-to-perfect outdoor living. Leisurely walking or more active skating & cycling, chatting and laughing with those who are close to them, dining and drinking, perusing the many local shops or just chilling on the beach! 

Marbella's wide promenade and its lovely sandy beach are a wonderful place to be at any time of the year. December however is particularly special as hopefully these photos will show! 

Marbella promenade - December 2018 
Marbella promenade - December 2018 
Just over a 10 minute drive from us here in El Presidente is Marbella’s lovely sandy beach and its adjoining elegant promenade, freshly prepared for the summer season. 
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